Search for a Sailor Who Fell Overboard is Being Conducted in the Black Sea Near Cape Meganom in the Crimea Peninsula

As SKTs Rosmorrechflot reports, at 8:31 on January 16 from the SMTC of Sevastopol a message was received that a request for assistance in conducting a search and rescue operation was received from the OT TCU of the Black Sea Fleet headquarters. The man fell overboard from the military ship of the IPC “Muromets” of the Russian Navy around 00:20 on January 16 in the Black Sea, 10 miles from Cape Meganom Peninsula Crimea.

MSPTS Sevastopol made a calculation of the search area, forwarded to the assistant of the OC TCU headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol, sent to help in search of the nearby motor ship “Solidat”, port of registration Astrakhan, owner of LLC “IC Ladoga”, which is from 9:12 to 13:55 took part in the PCP jointly with five other warships and three helicopters.Search for man overboard in black sea

At 13:55 the ship “Solidat” is released from participation in the search. The coordinator on the scene was appointed MPC “Muromets”. The search continued with the help of the Russian Navy’s forces and means before the dark time of the day (18:30). The coordinator of search and rescue operation is the TCU of the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet in the North Ossetia area in Sevastopol.

According to the Assistant OD TCU staff of the Black Sea Fleet on the PCA at 21:00 on January 16, the ships of the Black Sea Fleet, who participated in the search, left the search area. The question of the continuation of the search and rescue operation will be resolved on January 17 after 8:00.