In the Sea of ​​Japan, Search for a Missing Fishing Vessel “Vostok” with 21 Russians on Board

The Fishing boat, that sailed from the shores of South Korea and heading to the port of the Russian Far East, disappeared in the Sea of ​​Japan. On board there are 21 people, rescuers in the lost area have so far found only life jackets and garbage. The search continues.

The report on the loss of the vessel with fishermen was received by the Emergency Management Center of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia on January 25 at 08:10 local time (01:10 Moscow time). The captain of the Vladivostok Marine Rescue Coordination Center reported that an emergency radio beacon belonging to the fishing vessel Vostok operated 200 kilometers south of Cape Gamow, carrying 21 people on board.

Attempts to contact the vessel were unsuccessful, two Mi-8 helicopters from the Ministry of Defense and from the Khabarovsk aviation rescue center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations flew to Chernobyl and Artem in Primorye from the place where the radio beacon worked, all the passing ships warned about the incident. A rescue vessel, the vessel FESCO-Diomid of the Far Eastern Shipping Company, was connected to the search. The FESCO-Diomid motor ship approached the proposed search area first and found a barrel, a mooring bay, household garbage and two vests. People were not found.

The circling Mi-8 helicopter did not find anything from the air and went to refuel at the Knevichi airfield. After refueling, he will return to the search area and will make as many sorties during the day as required for the rescue operation. The Pacific Fleet is also connected to the search for a vessel in the Sea of ​​Japan, in the readiness for flight there is an An-26 aircraft of the Pacific Fleet’s Naval Aviation with a group of rescuers on board. In the afternoon, the plane of the rescue center of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations with 10 rescuers on board flew to Khabarovsk from the shipwreck.

Vostok ship

Fishing vessel Vostok, owned by the Sakhalin company DV-fleet, was sent from the South Korean port of Donghae to the port of Kholmsk in the Sakhalin region.

Port of registration of the vessel – Nevelsk of the Sakhalin region. The ship was built in 1985. It has a length of 53.32 meters, a width of 8.7 meters, a side height of 3.75 meters, a deadweight of 370 tons. All members of the crew of the “East” – the Russians, residents of Nevelsk Nevelskogo district of the Sakhalin region.

The names of all the crew members are already established, the list is formed, but for ethical reasons it is not published in the public domain. All information for relatives is ready to be provided by the hotline to the Emergency Ministry of Primorye – 8 (423) 239-99 -99.

In the search area, wind and waves

According to weather forecasters, in the area where the vessel “Vostok” disappeared, strong wind, frost and high waves remain up to 4.5 meters.

“In the area in the north-west of the Sea of ​​Japan, in question, the wind is still at 15-20 m / s and waves from 3.5 to 4.5 meters. In addition, due to severe frosts, a warning was announced there that the vessels were rapidly icing, “said the spokesman for the Primorsky Hydrometeorological Center.

Such weather conditions will continue in the search area in the next 24 hours.

“DV-fleet” is a law-abiding company

The Sakhalin company DV-fleet, which owns the missing vessel, was not seen in poaching, a representative of the Sakhalin Oblast fishery agency said.

As the head of the Association of Fishing Industry Enterprises Maxim Kozlov, the company “DV Fleet” is part of the association and “works on its principles.”

“It works according to its principles (principles of the Association – TASS comment) – honesty, law-abiding and transparent work on all mechanisms,” Kozlov said.

He added that all users of the Association, including the DV Fleet, monitor their vessels, keep them in proper condition, undergo all necessary repairs, realizing that people’s lives depend on the measures they take.

“The work of a fisherman depends on the weather and other conditions. Despite all the measures taken, modern equipment, we see how high the risks of negative consequences are due to objective reasons, which can not be affected. Very dangerous in this profession and a very well-deserved profession “, – said Kozlov.

Vostok fishing vessel missing with men on board

Verification started

On the fact of the loss of the Vostok ship, the Far Eastern Investigative Department on Transport of the Russian Federation’s Criminal Code began checking on the basis of the crime under Part 1 of Art. 263 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Violation of safety rules for the movement and operation of maritime transport.”