Scientists Will Analyze “Faceless Fish” Collected in Undersea Abyss VIDEO

Scientists will analyze “faceless fish” collected in undersea abyss An Australian scientific expedition has collected more than 100 species of fish from the depths of the ocean, “some of them faceless and others very strange and unknown until now,” official sources said.

The fish and invertebrates were collected in 2017 in a “submarine abyss”, about 4,800 meters deep, and will undergo several tests, including genetics, in Hobart on the island of Tasmania this week. “The expedition has collected some of the unique and strange species,” Australian National Fish Collection director Alastair Graham said in a statement from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization of Australia (CSIRO) Among the findings of this expedition, which has collected more than 42,000 copies, is the one that is considered ” the ugliest fish in the world ” (Psychrolutes micropores), which inhabits the seas of Australia and Tasmania.

The collection also includes the rediscovery of a faceless fish, which has no eyes or mouth visible on the head, as well as a lizard fish and a bioluminescent shark with sharp teeth like a saw.

The “faceless” fish, which had not been seen for more than a century, was found more than 4,000 meters deep. It measures 40 centimeters in length and has no eyes, mouth or gills. This is the first time that the “faceless” fish has been seen since it was discovered by a British ship near Papua New Guinea in 1873.

“The underwater abyss is the largest and deepest habitat on the planet and covers half of the world’s oceans and one-third of the Australian territory, but it remains one of the least explored areas on Earth,” said Alastair Graham.


Source: Aap.Aeiou