Scientists Have Uncovered the Mystery of the Destruction of Ships in the Bermuda Triangle

Scientists of the British University of Southampton, having conducted an experiment in the laboratory, found out the reason for the disappearance of ships in the Bermuda Triangle.

According to the scientists, the reason for the disappearance of ships in the Bermuda Triangle may be a “killer wave” 100 feet high (about 30 meters), writes The Sun referring to a documentary entitled The Riddle of the Bermuda Triangle, which shows how with the help of simulation scientists reproduced the effect of “monstrous waves.”

This natural phenomenon lasts only a few minutes. It was first noticed by satellites in 1997 off the coast of South Africa. Some of the waves reached a 30-meter height.

Researchers conducted an experiment with the model of the ship “Ciplop” – a huge vessel carrying 300 passengers on board, which disappeared in a triangle in 1918. She quickly went under water because of the curvature of the side and the flat bottom.

The explorer of the Earth and the oceans, Simon Boxall, noted that in this “notorious area” of the Atlantic Ocean, there are collisions of three powerful storms that move in different directions, thus creating “ideal conditions” for the new “killer waves”. According to the scientist, such a wave could cut a vessel like Cyclops in two.

Scientists Have Uncovered the Mystery o

He noted that it would have sunk in two or three minutes. “The bigger the ship, the more damage,” the expert added.



Source: Maritime News of Russia