The discovery raised a series of questions in the team, based on how these animals manage to withstand the temperature and acidity of the water in the area.

A big surprise was a group of scientists who conducted underwater studies in the vicinity of a volcano in the Solomon Islands with a remote camera resistant to high pressure.

The team wanted to analyze the behavior of an active volcano, but they never thought they would find something inside them: sharks.

The first reaction was of impact according to the PhD student of the University of Rhode Island, Brennan Phillips, but when they managed to calm down, they began to look for the answer of how they manage to survive inside a volcano.

” Divers who have approached the edge of the volcano have had to return because of the heat or because they begin to have skin burns from acid water,” Phillips explained.

“These big animals are living in what we have to assume is much hotter and acidic water, and they just go through there. It makes you wonder what kind of extreme environment they have adapted to. What kind of changes have surpassed? Are they the only animals that could? “He asked.


Source: Lanacion