Salvamento Attended 1,328 Emergencies With Pleasure Boats This Summer

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Salvamento Marítimo, under the Ministry of Development, attended during the summer of 2018 (between June 15 and September 15) a total 1,328 emergencies related to recreational boats on the Spanish coast and people served on recreational boats for this period rose to 3,879.

As reported by Salvamento Marítimo in a statement, the Balearic Islands, Catalonia and Valencian Community have the highest number of actions.

By coordination centers, the Palma attended 799 people in 244 performances, Barcelona 774 people in 223, Valencia 592 people in 178, Cartagena 249 people in 95 and the one in Tarifa (Cádiz) 180 in 60 performances.

The causes of the emergencies in pleasure watercraft have been fundamentally mechanical failure and as a result, the ship drifts without government (82%), owing the remaining 18% to other multiple causes such as stranded/stranded, waterway, fire/explosion, sinking or overturning.

Many of these emergencies could be avoided with good maintenance and the anticipation of carrying out safety checks before leaving.

Today there are still emergencies that can have fatal consequences for causes as avoidable as running out of fuel at sea.

Salvamento Marítimo has 20 Salvage Coordination Centers, whose situation has been determined taking into account the needs of coverage of the coastal strip and the SAR zone (search and rescue = maritime Spanish search and rescue).

From the CCS the emergencies are coordinated with a fleet that is composed of 55 fast intervention vessels called “Salvamares”, 14 vessels, 4 Guardamares, 11 helicopters and 3 airplanes. These maritime and air resources are permanently alert 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Salvamento Attended 1,328 Emergencies With Pleasure Boats This Summer

The relevance of the recreational sector in the total of emergencies is indisputable, since the 4,754 vessels assisted last year in Spain, 2,480 were recreational (52%), 1,212 boats (25%), 485 fishing boats (10% ), 384 merchants (8%) and 190 (5%) are accounted for in the category of others – floating artifacts, pontoons, etc.



Source: ABC Agencias