Sakhalin Zoozaschitniki Have Demanded to Refuse Quotas on a Catch of Killer Whales and Beluga Whales

The picket against the allocation of quotas for catching in the Okhotsk Sea of killer whales and beluga whales will be held in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk by the initiative group “Friends of the Ocean”, operating on the basis of the local tourist club “Boomerang”.

“On April 30 at 11:00 a picket will be held in the square near the Motherland Palace in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk under the petition against the issuance of quotas for capturing killer whales and beluga whales. The petition will be sent to the President of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Federal Agency for Fisheries with a request to stop issuing these quotas, “the press service of the Boomerang reports.

According to the club, on May 3, 2018, the fate of 13 killer whales and 200 beluga whales will be decided in Vladivostok: public hearings on the allocation of quotas for catching these animals in 2019 will be held on this day in the building of the TINRO-Center.

“In 2018 quotas were approved for capturing 10 killer whales and about 400 belugas, but thanks to the intervention of scientists and the public, no one received permission to capture. But next year they want to resume catching, despite the fact that scientists are alarmed that there is no monitoring of populations and, therefore, complete data without which the issuance of quotas for the withdrawal of any number of animals is unacceptable, “the press service said.

Zoo protectors remind that worldwide catching killer whales and belugas is banned all over the world, but not in Russia.

Representatives of the club also recognize that no one knows exactly how many marine animals are caught every year, as “independent accounting is simply not carried out.” Marine animals are caught “for cultural and educational purposes” for the sale of live goods to the aquariums of South-East Asia.

Catch of Killer Whales and Beluga Whales

In the club “Boomerang”, Interfax was also informed that the signatures of signatures under the same petition will be held in Vladivostok and Sochi one of these days, where pickets will be held by local animal rights activists.


Source: Maritime News of Russia