Sakhalin Authorities Will Pay 1 Million Rubles to Families of Sailors from Vostok Ship

The government of the Sakhalin region will help native Sakhalin seamen who were on board the vessel “Vostok” missing in the Sea of ​​Japan, paying them 1 million rubles each, the press service of the regional government said on Monday.

“The families will be paid 1 million rubles each. The regional government is now engaged in solving organizational issues, “the report said.

“We need to support the families of seamen. The profile departments need to check the process of payment of compensation from the shipowner and the social insurance fund, “the press service quotes the words of the region’s governor Oleg Kozhemyako.

The Vostok ship was lost in the Sea of ​​Japan on 25 January. On its board there were 20 Russian fishermen: 16 residents of Sakhalin (eight residents of the Nevelsky district, the rest of the inhabitants of the Kholm and Korsakov districts, one from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk), two residents of Primorsky Krai (from Sovetskaya Gavan and Artyom), one from Nazran, another one crew member was from the Belgorod region.

The search operation, which continues until now, has not made any progress. Several lifejackets and two empty rafts were found from the disappeared ship.

A criminal case was opened. The main version of the ship’s death is icing, which led to overturning.

Earlier, the management of the DV Fleet LLC (the shipowner company of the Vostok vessel) stated that at the expense of the company’s funds, Vostok would pay families 1.5 million rubles for each crew member.

In the insurance company “Energogarant” earlier the agency was informed that the crew was insured in this company from an accident, the wages of seamen and their repatriation were also insured.

Vostok Vessel Crews Families to recieve compensation

“The shipowner insured against accident for 50 thousand rubles each crew member. This money will be paid to relatives in the terms established by the legislation, “the employee of the insurance company said then.


Source: Maritime News of Russia