Saint Christopher, An Emblematic Ship That Participated in the Normandy Landings

The tugboat was part of the United States Navy and the Royal Navy of England. His story ended on the coast of Ushuaia.

Saint Christopher suffers one of its worst dangers, having gone through the Second World War, participated in two armed forces and doing logistics operations in the Argentine territory. Is that today the tug built in 1943, could collapse on the look of Ushuaia, due to its lack of maintenance in recent years.

Saint Christopher was manufactured in the city of Boston, United States and a year later it was ceded to Great Britain, who incorporated it into the Royal Navy. Under the name of “HMS Justice (W-140)” participated in the Second World War, in battles such as the landing in Normandy (D-Day), one of the bloodiest battles of the allies against the Nazis and crucial for the defeat of Germans.

Two years later, the ship returned to the United States, who discharged it due to its high maintenance cost. However, it was sold to a Salvamar company in Argentina.

In 1953 he had the task of refloating the ship Monte Cervantes but ran aground on the coast of Ushuaia due to engine and rudder problems. The ship has stayed in place until this day.

HMS Justice W140

In 2004, they extracted the fuel oil that was stored in the ship. Cleaning, painting and surveillance tasks were also carried out for years. Unfortunately, in the last 15 years, the ship has suffered the progress of the works losing its visual value. And as if that were not enough, in the last seven years a container beach tries to move on the area of the ship.


Source: Ushuaia24