Sailors Arrested with 1 Ton of Cocaine in a Boat are Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison in Cape Verde

The family believes they were victims of a frame and will appeal the sentence.

Brazilian sailors accused of international drug trafficking, boat, were sentenced to 10 years in prison by the Cape Verdean Justice. Alex Coelho, the uncle of one of the sailors, Rodrigo Dantas, confirmed the information to the G1.

The sentence was announced this morning (March 29), in the court of the city of Mindelo, on the island of São Vicente. The trial began on March 12, when the sailors were heard. Rodrigo Dantas and another Bahian sailor, Daniel Dantas, as well as the gaucho Daniel Guerra and the captain of the boat, of French origin, Olivier Thomas, were convicted.

According to Alex Coelho, the Justice disregarded the investigation prepared by the Brazilian Federal Police. The lawyers of the sailors will appeal the decision and ask for the cancellation of the trial.

“The trial was completely biased, no evidence was accepted, neither the witnesses nor the documentation of the Brazilian Federal Police, the content was not taken into account,” complained Uncle Rodrigo.


The sailors and the captain are accused of international drug trafficking on suspicion of having taken cocaine in the sailboat they were flying to the Azores, in Portugal.

Relatives of the sailors, however, claim that they did not know the drug was on the boat and believe in innocence. For them, the sailors were victims of a frame and the drug may have been put on the boat without their knowledge. Itamarati is following the case.

“The Federal Police prove that it is impossible for this to happen, floating in Brazilian waters in Todos Santos Bay, in the Marina, or in the Rio Grande do Norte Marina water, “says Rodrigo’s uncle, Ubirajara Coelho.


It all started after a job posting on the internet. That is how Rodrigo Dantas, 25, decided to face the challenge of crossing the Atlantic Ocean to deliver a sailboat on the island of Azores, Portugal.

The ad was looking for sailors to compose the crew of the sailboat that had just been renovated at a shipyard in Salvador. It was a job offer from an international labour recruitment company.

The same company, the Yacht Delivery Company, based in Holland, hired Rodrigo and another Bahian sailor, Daniel Dantas. In Natal, the gaucho Daniel Guerra joined the team. Before leaving Brazil in August, the sailboat was inspected by the Federal Police in Salvador and Natal.

Bahian sailors sentenced to 10 years in prison for drug trafficking

The ship was released without any irregularities being found, but on Mindelo Island in Cape Verde, Africa, the sailboat was once again inspected and more than a ton of cocaine was found hidden in a concrete and cement floor in the vessel.

The boat belongs to an Englishman, known as George Fox, who was only introduced to the crew on the eve of the voyage. He is being sought.

Rodrigo spent four months on parole in Cape Verde but was arrested again in December last year. “Rodrigo already lived there for four months, fulfilling all the determinations of the law, being presented regularly for signature in the judicial police,” he says.

During all this time, the father struggles to prove that the son has no involvement with the crime. “Impossible to do a work of that size to put 1,100 kg of cocaine in a boat, after Rodrigo makes access to the boat.” Impossible, “he adds.



Source: G1 Globo Bahia