Sailboat Runs Aground on the Beaches of Cadiz (Video)

About six o’clock this afternoon a notice was received of a sailboat with serious problems next to the breakwater of La Puntilla beach, in El Puerto. Inside the boat, there was a person who had difficulties to govern the boat, due to the strong wind and the bad conditions of the sea.

The boat was approximately five meters from the shore, at the mercy of the wind.

Up to the area agents of the Local Police arrived and Maritime Rescue was notified so that finally the ship was able to run aground next to the shore and disembark its crew without damage.

It is a sailboat of about 19 meters in length and with the help received the occupant was able to disembark by the shore.

The boat presented some damage, as it hit several times with the breakwater rocks, but eventually, the boat was stranded and everything was in a scare.


Source: Diario de Cadiz