Sadam Hussein’s Yacht is Reinvented as a Hotel

The lack of a buyer has led the Iraqi authorities to convert the “Basora Breeze” (breeze from Basra), also known until 2003 as “Qadissiyat Saddam” into a hotel. This super yacht of Saddam Hussein has a presidential suite, 17 guest rooms, 18 crew cabins, clinic, gold taps, a theater, prayer room, several swimming pools, secret submarine, heliport … All with a style of pure opulence, full of gold, curtains and luxury so much did an Iraqi dictator like that, however, he never sailed aboard it. The history of this 82-meter yacht built in Denmark in 1981 is marked by war since in 1986 it was moored in Saudi Arabia to be safe from the conflict between Iraqis and Iranians and then was transferred to the Mediterranean to appear in Nice where he spent several years before the French justice granted the property to the Government of Baghdad and returned to the port of Basra.

Since 2010 was for sale, but in the last eight years not a single buyer has been encouraged to pay the 25.5 million euros that they asked for it and therefore the authorities have decided to give it a new use. ” The presidential boat is in good condition, the two engines work perfectly and only requires maintenance,” his captain, Abdul Zahra Abdul Mahdi Saleh, told Reuters. From now on, this pleasure boat will be used “so that the pilots can rest in the port,” the spokesperson for the port of Basra, Anmar Al Safi, confirmed to the same agency. In this way, the Iraqis seek the double objective of making the ship useful and of showing the future generations the luxuries that surrounded Saddam’s life.

The exile in Saudi Arabia, in those days ally of Saddam against Iran, and France saved the Basra Breeze from the bombs, the opposite of what happened to Al Mansur, his brother super yacht in which he did not embark either. never the dictator, but that was destroyed by the American aviation in 2003. The massive bombings during that war launched in the name of weapons of mass destruction that did not exist, also ended with most of the palaces that Saddam had scattered throughout the country. In Basra, near the port, one of these mansions was left standing and now houses a museum, nothing to do with what happened with the presidential offices in Baghdad.


Anchored in southern Iraq, the “Basra Breeze” is witnessing changes in an Iraq after the elections last week, he has handed over power to the Shiite cleric Muqtada Al Sader, survivor of a family that Saddam persecuted and whose members he assassinated without mercy due to his great charisma among the Shia majority of the country. 15 years after his overthrow, Saddam’s ship is a hotel and the political party of the family he most hated is the most voted.


Source: ABC Internacional