Russian President Explains Cause of Tragedy with Russian Submarine Kursk

Russian President Vladimir Putin uncovered the cause of the tragedy that struck the Russian submarine Kursk in 2000.

According to him, the ship was shipwrecked due to serious problems that the Russian army faced at that time.

“After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, we must deal with enormous difficulties in the economic, social, and of course, all this has affected the army,” said the president in the documentary “Putin” published on social networks. The Russian leader added that the Kursk tragedy was a “reflection of the condition of the Russian Armed Forces.”

Putin emphasized that at the time of the tragedy, he had recently taken up the post of president and did not know what serious military exercises were taking place in the Barents Sea.

“The defense minister called and informed us that we had lost a submarine, but we have already found him and we will begin work soon. It was not clear that it was a tragedy, then the work began on a large scale and everything was revealed,” he recalled. the Russian leader.

Vladimir Putin added that, taking into account the state of the Russian army, the tragedy “did not surprise him.” Meanwhile, he emphasized that the tragedy was very serious.

“Of course, this should not be forgotten,” he said.

He also said that after the tragedy, he decided to speak with the relatives of the deceased sailors to support them and “to ensure that we will do everything to emerge the submarine.”

“The conversation was difficult, but completely honest, extremely honest and open, and of course, people understood and understood that,” Putin said.

Russian President Explains Cause of Tragedy with Russian Submarine Kursk

The Kursk nuclear submarine of the Oscar-II class sank during the maneuvers in the Barents Sea on 12 August 2000, with a crew of 118 sailors, all of them dead. It was the greatest underwater tragedy in history.


Source: Sputnik News