Russian Nuclear Submersibles Conduct a ‘Submarine Duel’ in the Barents Sea

This confrontation is part of a series of naval exercises that Russia has been developing for a week.

The crews of two nuclear submarines of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy have carried out antisubmarine exercises in the Barents Sea, reports TASS.

Those divers practiced the search and follow-up of a hostile submersible, performed tactical exercises, executed torpedo attacks and completed evasion maneuvers with active obstacles and false targets, as detailed by the official press service of that branch of the Russian Navy.

Although it is unknown which ships participated in these maneuvers, it is known that the crews fired all the torpedoes from their arsenals in the final stage of those tests.

submarine duel in the Barents Sea

In the more than 50 tasks that the Fleet of the North carries out since a week ago, submarines, surface ships, airplanes and helicopters of the Russian Navy participate.