Russian Navy Ships Will Form Strategic Groupings of Non-Nuclear Deterrence

The Russian Navy plans to set up non-nuclear deterrence groups in ships with high-precision weapons, the commander-in-chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Vladimir Korolev, said.


“The most important segment of the work of the Navy’s main command in the future will be the formation of strategic non-nuclear deterrence groups in high-precision guided-missile ships, the upgrading of the Navy base system, ensuring balanced supplies of arms and ammunition,” he said at a meeting with Navy veterans.


Korolev said that within the framework of the state armament program 2018-2027, the Russian Navy will develop further. “The main directions of this development are defined. This is the maintenance of the combat potential of the naval strategic nuclear forces at a given level through the construction of Borei-A and Borey B missile submarines, as well as the development of the combat potential of general-purpose naval forces through the construction of ships of the ocean, far and near sea areas “- said the admiral.Russian Navy

According to him, modernization of the ships will be conducted for the Russian Navy. Naval aviation will receive modern aircraft, and coastal troops – missile systems, said Korolev.


Source: Maritime News of Russia