Russia Successfully Launches 4 Nuclear Missiles from a Submarine

Russia has successfully tested the launching of four intercontinental ballistic missiles on Tuesday from a Borei-class nuclear-powered submarine, model Yuri Dolgoruki, as reported by the Russian Naval Force in a statement.

According to the Russian Navy, this is the first missile test of this magnitude: the Russian Northern Fleet has fired four Bulavá intercontinental ballistic missiles from a submarine under the surface of the White Sea (an extensive gulf of the Barents Sea located in the northwest coast of Russia).

The practice of warheads, which carried the projectiles, aimed at the designated targets on the other side of the Eurasian country, in the Kura polygon, in Kamchatka (east).

“All the tasks have already been fulfilled. The launch confirmed the technical characteristics and reliability of the Borei-class strategic submarine, as well as the Bulavá intercontinental ballistic missile system in the sea, “the document highlights.

The Bulavá is an intercontinental ballistic missile for submarines (SLBM, for its acronym in English) of solid fuel and has an estimated range of 8,000 kilometres, it is also capable of dividing into 6 to 10 independent hypersonic warheads of high maneuverability.

The strategic submersible Yuri Dolgoruky – named after the prince who founded Moscow in 1147 – is the first Borei type submarine that can carry Bulavá missiles. Currently, Russia has three of these vessels, and another five are under construction.

The novel trial follows the plan established by the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, to modernize the Army and Navy of his country in all fields, especially intercontinental ballistic missiles, bombers and submarines.

Russia Successfully Launches 4 Nuclear Missiles from a Submarine

The Russian leader points out that his plan to develop his military power aims to defend the country against possible aggressions of the United States and its allies of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization ( NATO ).



Source: HispantTV