Russia: React Immediately if NATO Maneuvers are Hostile

Russia warns that it will “react immediately” if the naval test of NATO, led by US ships, in the Black Sea, represents a danger to Moscow.

Russian Senator Frants Klintsevich, deputy chairman of the Defense and Security Committee of the Federation Council – High Chamber of the Russian Parliament – told the press on Monday that the Ukrainian-American maneuvers “only worsen the political and military situation in the region”.

In his words, these military exercises incite Ukraine to take “ill-conceived actions, creating in Kiev an illusion of permissiveness”.

“Russia’s attitude towards these exercises in the Black Sea can only be negative. No, they do not represent any danger to us: everything is monitored in real time and, if necessary, we will react immediately, “said the legislator.

The naval maneuvers of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) called ‘Sea Breeze 2018’ began on Monday in the Ukrainian region of Odessa, in the Black Sea, with the participation of 19 countries and thousands of troops of the Atlantic Alliance, reported the Russian state agency  RIA Novosti.

The aim of the training is to carry out a multinational naval security operation in a region in crisis, explained the media, adding that the command of the exercises is in charge of the American ship Mount Whitney, flagship of the Sixth Fleet of States United.

“The peculiarity of the Ukrainian-American exercises ‘Sea Breeze 2018’ will be the control of naval, air and land component forces directly from the sea, on board the US Navy command ship. Mount Whitney, “said the Ukrainian Navy in a statement on its Facebook page.

The operations center from Mount Whitney will also strengthen the combined preparedness and naval capacity among the allies and partners of the Atlantic Alliance, the US Sixth Fleet said in a separate statement.

On the eve of the exercises, the Sixth Fleet reported that the USS Porter missile destroyer had sailed from the Odessa port to participate in the aforementioned maneuvers.

The USS Mount Whitney and Porter’s shipment to the area is part of Washington’s plan to increase its naval presence in the Black Sea, which “is part of its effort to render Russia desensitized,” a US Army official said in February…

Russia React Immediately if NATO Maneuvers are Hostile

For its part, Moscow denounces the reinforcement of NATO and US troops. near its western borders, calling it a “threat” to its national security and a  destabilizing factor in the region. It is more Russia had previously warned of the celebration of the Sea Breeze war games as an act “anti-Russian” and “provocative”.



Source: Tercera Informacion