Russia Performs Fire Maneuvers With Syria and Watches the US Ships

The Kremlin responds to Trump’s threats: “We do not do Twitter diplomacy”

Russia is already moving its chips to the possibility of a US  air strike against its ally in the Middle East, the regime of Bashar al-Assad. The  Russian Navy plans to carry out exercises with real fire off the coast of Syria on Wednesday, while in Moscow, the Ministry of Defense has reported that it was closely following the movements of  US warships to the Arab country.

“We are following closely the situation that is developing in Syria and throughout the region,” reads a statement issued by the Russian military. According to Moscow’s calculations, the US naval squadron heading towards the Syrian coasts and headed by the aircraft carrier  ‘USS Harry S. Truman’  will arrive at its destination in early May.

Imminent bombing

The threats of President  Donald Trump on Twitter, warning of an imminent bombardment with “beautiful, new and intelligent missiles” have been received with disdain by the Kremlin. The presidential spokesman,  Dmitri Peskov, has exhorted his North American interlocutors not to worsen the situation in Syria with exits of tone. “We do not participate in Twitter diplomacy, we support serious evaluations, and we think it is important not to take steps that could aggravate a situation, which is already fragile,” Peskov replied.

Russian President Vladimir Putin

In recent years, thanks to the war in Syria, the marina has returned to the eastern Mediterranean, where it was absent after the disintegration of the USSR. Deployed maintains the so-called  Task Force of the Navy in the Mediterranean, which have been assigned a fortnight of warships.


Source: El Periodico