Russia Makes Maneuvers in the Arctic According to International Standards

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Russia carries out aerial and naval exercises in the Arctic by complying with international warning rules that allow collisions to be excluded, Admiral Vladimir Valuev, former commander of the Baltic Sea Fleet (from 2001 to 2006) told Sputnik.

General Jeff Mac Mootry, director of operations of the infantry of the Navy of the Netherlands, had affirmed before that the number of Russian ships in the region increased in comparison with past decades and that the Russian airplanes fly to very low height, which He called it a “provocation”.

“We carried out aerial and naval maneuvers in accordance with the International Rules of Prevention of Ship Collisions of 1972 (…), if the ship crosses the path of another vessel closer to the regulations, this fact is documented and the investigation begins, and if there is nothing of that, the pretensions are hollow words, “commented the admiral.

The United Kingdom Defense Minister, Gavin Williamson, announced last September a new defence strategy for the Arctic region, conceived largely as a reaction to the “Russian threat”.

He said that this document places the Arctic and the Far North “at the center of the UK’s security strategy.”

Russia Makes Maneuvers in the Arctic According to International Standards

The Ministry of Defense of Russia declared on numerous occasions that the country’s ships and aircraft carry out missions in strict correspondence with international standards, without violating the borders of any State.

Moscow said it poses no threat to anyone, drew attention to the growing activity of NATO countries near the Russian borders and at the same time warned that will not leave unanswered actions potentially dangerous to their interests.



Source: Mundo Sputnik News Russia