Russia Develops New 5th Generation Nuclear Submarine Project

The overall design of the 5th generation Khaski submarine and the definition of its visual have already been established, and tactical and technical characteristics are now being developed, Aleksey Rakhmanov, head of the United Shipbuilding Corporation, said.

“We have finished the conceptual design of the 5th generation of submarine Khaski, as well as defining your look. There were several proposed options we have to choose the best,” he told Russian newspaper Izvestiya.

“At the moment, the tactical and technical characteristics of the new submarine are being developed. Everything else about Khaski is still a military secret,” added Rakhmanov.

There is still little information on the Khaski 5 th generation multifunctional nuclear submarines. It is known that the submarine will have a hypersonic cruise missile system Tsirkon, mentioned for the first time in the media in February 2011. The supposed designation of the missile system is 3K-22 and the missile itself – 3M22.

Russia Develops New 5th Generation Nuclear Submarine Project

As was recently reported by Russian Deputy Commander of the Russian Navy, Viktor Bursuk, the manufacture of nuclear submarines of the Khaski project will be included in the state weapons program for 2018-2025.


Source: BR Sputnik News