Russia and Norway Conclude Joint Exercises Barents 2018

The Barents 2018 international exercises with the participation of Russia and Norway ended in the Barents Sea, said the spokesman of the Northern Russian Fleet, captain Vadim Serga.

“The search and rescue units of the Northern Fleet who participated in the Russian-Norwegian exercises Barents 2018 returned to the main base of this fleet, Severomorsk,” the officer told reporters.

The key objective of the exercises, said Serga, was to practice joint actions during the search and rescue of castaways and actions to prevent contamination by oil and its derivatives in the midst of intense industrial exploitation of the Arctic.

The Northern Russian Fleet was represented by the new logistics support vessel Elbrus, the rescue vessel SB-523 and the maritime patrol plane Ilyushin IL-38.

The forces of the Maritime Rescue and Coordination Center of Murmansk (northwest) and the Border Directorate of the Western Arctic Region were also used.

In turn, vessels and aircraft from the Northern Norwegian Coordination and Rescue Center and Coast Guard of the Naval Forces, as well as the means of the Norwegian air navigation service provider Avinor, participated in the Norwegian part.

Russia and Norway Conclude Joint Exercises Barents 2018

The Barents international exercises are held every year in accordance with the Agreement between the governments of Russia and Finland on cooperation in the search for missing persons and rescue of shipwrecked persons in the Barents Sea, signed on October 4, 1995.



Source: Mundo Sputnik News