Royal England Navy Starts the Intimidation Tactics to Russia, it Releases Pictures of Their Icebreaker Submarine

This is the threatening form of the nuclear propulsion submarine HMS Trenchant, of the British Royal Navy, which traverses two feet of Arctic ice.

The submarine ship, is an assassin designed to track and sink submarines and enemy ships with missiles and torpedoes. It surfaced in the Arctic Ocean in an area that Russia considers its own backyard.

The show of force with two US submarines, the USS Connecticut and USS Hartford, marks the rebirth of simulacra dating from the Cold War and test the ability of crews and ships to fight under the layer of ice.

The West and Russia compete for dominance in the region as the ice contracts and opens up new shipping routes and opportunities for oil exploration.

Commander David Burrell, captain of Trenchant, said: “This is a great opportunity to test our skills. Working with American submarines is great for us. It’s like dog fights in an ice jungle.

Last night, a source from the Royal Navy said: “Russia considers this to be its backyard.”

The exercise allows the Navy to test the submarine’s hardware set, especially the sonar, against live “targets” and practice tracking and simulating attacks against other submarines.

It is being coordinated by the Arctic Submarine Laboratory of the Navy of the United States. It is believed to be the first time that a British submarine has been participating for a decade, although Americans do these exercises every two years.

Arctic Submarine Laboratory of the Navy of the United States

Rear Admiral James Pitts, commander of the Submarine War Development Center, said: “We are very aware that we are in a large power competition environment and the Arctic is a part of that.”


Source: elciudadano