Rosrybolovstvo at the End of 2018 Will Begin a Scientific Expedition to the Antarctic

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The press service of the Federal Agency for Fishery announced that at the end of 2018 the research vessels of the Federal Fishery Agency will begin an expedition to the Antarctic waters to study the state of the krill reserves.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Russia – Head of the Russian Fishery Agency Ilya Shestakov spoke about the priority international marine expeditions and the plans of Russian scientists to study the resource base of the World Ocean, speaking at a meeting of the Maritime Collegium of the Russian Federation Government in Kaliningrad.

During the first voyage of the scientific courts of the Russian Fishery Agency to the Antarctic, not only fishing prospects will be explored: emphasis will also be placed on the development of technologies for waste-free processing of krill. “This is a huge source of raw materials for the production of food products, feed, and pharmaceuticals,” explained Ilya Shestakov.

Research will continue throughout 2019-2020.

The allowed world catch of krill is more than 5.6 million tons per year, in fact, only 250-300 thousand tons are mined. The Russian fishing fleet has not been operating in the krill fishery for more than 20 years, while, according to the estimates of the Russian Fishery Agency, the underutilized resource ranges from 5 to 15 million tons.

Scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences will also take part in the research in accordance with an agreement signed with the Federal Agency for Fishery in September 2018.

The research fleet of the Rosrybolovstvo annually conducts numerous expeditions to assess the dynamics of the most demanded aquatic biological resources in the domestic field both in the zone of Russian jurisdiction and beyond. “In 2018, the Government of Russia allocated additional funds for the expedition. In addition, we completed the consolidation of the research fleet in the Far East, which made it possible to identify reserves for expanding the areas of scientific research voyages in the most important Pacific Rim for Russia, ”said Ilya Shestakov.

Rosrybolovstvo at the End of 2018 Will Begin a Scientific Expedition to the Antarctic

Rosrybolovstvo planned the construction of new research vessels, the design of the first vessel will be completed this year. At present, work continues on the formation of a plan for the sea expeditions of the Russian scientific fleet until 2030. First of all, this is a study of the little-studied stocks of mesa pelagic and deep-sea species. According to expert estimates of their biomass, the annual catch of these objects in the oceans may be more than 200 million tons.


Source: Maritime News of Russia