Rosatom Has Manufactured Reactor Plants for Three New Atomic Icebreakers

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ITAR-TASS reported that the production of nuclear reactor units RITM-200 for the three newest universal nuclear icebreakers LK-60Ya of project 22220 has been completed.

According to the report, the ZiO-Podolsk enterprise sent to St. Petersburg the second reactor of the RITM-200 reactor unit for the new-generation icebreaker Ural.

“In total, the enterprises of the division manufactured three reactor units, each of which includes two RITM-200 reactors. In 2016, shipment took place for the Arktika icebreaker, in 2017 for the first production icebreaker Sibir, the report says.

According to Andrei Nikipelov, Director General of Atomenergomash, the installation of RITM-200 and its modifications are considered as the basis for the creation of nuclear power stations of low power, sea and ground-based.

“Also, the timely completion of the contract on RITM-200 allows us to count on participation in the construction of the Leader nuclear-powered icebreakers, which will have to ensure the year-round operation of the Northern Sea Route. At present, a draft design of the RITM-400 reactor facility has been created for this type of vessel, a technical project is being developed, ”the message says Nikipelov.

RITM-200 reactor installation for the icebreaking fleet, developed in Atomenergomash. It is part of the main power plant of the icebreaker and includes two reactors with a thermal capacity of 175 MW each.

Rosatom Has Manufactured Reactor Plants for Three New Atomic Icebreakers

Three universal icebreaker LC-60Ya project 22220 (“Arctic”, “Siberia” and “Ural”) will be the largest and most powerful in the world. They will be able to conduct caravans of ships in arctic conditions, breaking through ice up to three meters thick. The construction of ships is carried out in St. Petersburg in the shipyards of the Baltic Shipyard.



Source: Maritime News of Russia