Romanian Authorities Rescue Moldovan Tanker Taking on Water

The Constanta Port authorities, on the Romanian Black Sea coast, intervened on the night on February 13 to rescue a ship that had started to take on water.

The ship, which was carrying oil products, sailed under the pavilion of the Republic of Moldova. The moto-tanker, named Delfi, requested the help after water starting getting into the engines hall, through a crack in the ship’s shell.

The ship was coming from the Odessa Port and had stopped in the Constanta Port to supply fuel to another ship. During the bunkering procedure, the Moldovan ship sustained a crack of some two meters in length in its shell.

The GSP King ship brought the Moldovan tanker back to the Romanian coast from a distance of 16 nautical miles from the Constanta Port, Agerpres reported.

The commander of Delfi needed medical care upon arriving on land but did not need to be transported to the hospital.

The crew of Delfi is made up of sailors from Russia, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova. The ship was built in 1977.


Source: Romania Insider