Rolls-Royce Will Launch Unmanned Vessels

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Now that the autonomous vehicles already exist, it is the turn of the ships, or so the British company Rolls-Royce considers it when announcing the launching of unmanned ships.

In fact, the company presented its vision of how automated ships will work in a video that explains the different ways to control the environment of the ship.

According to the Wired media, this technological feat will be possible with the help of artificial intelligence that will detect and label all maritime navigators, as well as navigation markers and banks.

In addition, the technology of neural networks will be used for artificial intelligence to learn. Thus, Rolls-Royce is already training its systems through five million images collected from the internet so that artificial intelligence can distinguish different obstacles from all angles.

In addition, automated vessels will be equipped with multiple sensors that will provide human operators with a 360-degree view around them. To this end, the combination of radars, cameras and lidars will also be used: radars that instead of emitting radio waves generate lasers.

According to the media, Rolls-Royce anticipates that the boats will be completely autonomous, although they will be monitored by crews from the coast. Among the vessels of greatest interest in automation are trailers, ferries and short-distance transport vessels.

This system has multiple advantages, says the director of marine engineering and technology of the company, Kevin Daffey. Among its main advantages is the reduction of accidents due to human error and the fact that human crews “may return home every night”.

As with automated vehicles, unmanned ships will not lose concentration and will not tire. It will also improve the economic aspect of maritime navigation. Apart from preventing accidents, boats will not need life support systems that consume energy during the voyages.

Currently, the ferries with the new system are passing tests in Japan, where they make night trips in Kobe to check the operation of the thermal night vision cameras. In addition, tests are being carried out on ferries on the southwest coast of Finland.

Rolls-Royce Will Launch Unmanned Vessels

However, the International Maritime Organization only begins to consider the new regulations related to the autonomy of ships, which is why international navigation could be somewhat complicated, according to the report.

So, for now, Rolls-Royce believes that the process could be accelerated by working in the waters of a country while the world adapts to the new idea of unmanned ships.


Source: Mundo Sputnik News