Researchers Inspected the Torpedo Boat that Sunk in Peter the Great Bay More Than 100 Years Ago

A complex expedition to the site of the death of the torpedo boat that sank in Peter the Great Bay during the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905 studied the state of the ship, the Primorye Territorial Department of the Russian Geographical Society (RGO) reported.

According to experts, in recent years the point of destruction of this ship has become known to many that attract tourists, negatively affects the safety of the remains of the ship. It is not recommended to pick up objects from the sunken side and, especially, the part of the ship to the surface.

Due to poor visibility, only one of the five divers who sank to the bottom managed to approach the sunken ship and assess its condition.

It is noted that changes in the state of the destroyer since the last survey in 2017 did not happen.

“This year, research work aimed at monitoring the safety of the destroyer N 208, as an object of the underwater cultural heritage of Russia, will continue,” the report said.

As reported, attempts to find this ship was made more than once – in the 30’s and 90’s of the last century. Expedition of the Society for the Study of the Amur Region found on the bottom of the Peter the Great Bay this destroyer in 2011.

During the Russo-Japanese War on July 4, 1904, the destroyer M-208 of the Russian Imperial Navy, leaving the naval base of Vladivostok to patrol the waters of the Peter the Great Bay, blew himself up on a Japanese mine and sank.

The destroyer is located near the island of Skryplev, at a depth of 31.5 meters. The structure of the hull of the ship, which was buried under water for 114 years, is strongly destroyed by corrosion and overgrown with seaweed and seashells.

Researchers Inspected the Torpedo Boat Sunk in Peter the Great Bay More Than 100 Years Ago

According to the researchers, the destroyer N208 is the only ship of the Russian fleet that participated in the Russo-Japanese War, resting in the territorial waters of the Russian Federation.



Source: Maritime News of Russia