Researcher Discovers “Living Fossil” and Its Appearance Amazes Thousands

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Thousands of people have been very surprised to witness an image in which a young man revealed to us the creature discovered by a researcher of the National Geograhic, when he was walking through the jungles of Singapore.

Researcher Mark Wong was on an expedition through that region and in a completely causal way discovered the trilobite beetles, which are now known as ” fossils ” living “, here all about these fascinating creatures.

It is said that more than 500 million years ago, the trilobites were huge arthropods with carapace that lived in the depths of the sea; However, with the arrival of the dinosaurs they became extinct and gave way to small creatures called trilobite beetles, whose existence dates back more than 200 million years.

While it was believed that these animals were extinct, it turns out that only a few years ago a researcher from the National Geograhic was on an expedition through Singapore when he quite casually observed what looked like a type of ‘fungus’ sprouting from the green soil.

The researcher’s surprise was great when he noticed that this “fungus” was moving and it turned out that they were actually insects known as “trilobite beetles”, which were believed to be extinct for so long.

Researcher Discovers "Living Fossil" and Its Appearance Amazes Thousands

People have been fascinated by the appearance of these small insects whose survival is still a great mystery, since the majority that exist are females. And it is that, as is known, most male trilobite beetles are very rare.

Here we share this amazing video with these insects called the “living fossils”, which have already become well known after being found by this researcher of the  National Geograhic in 2016.



Source: La Republica