Rescuing 162 migrants trying to reach Europe.

Rescue teams intercepted 121 people traveling on three ships on Saturday and rescued another 41 passengers from a fourth vessel on Sunday.

Spain’s maritime rescue service reported Sunday that it collected 162 migrants who were attempting to make the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean to Europe this weekend.

Rescue teams intercepted 121 people on three ships on Saturday and rescued another 41 passengers from a fourth vessel on Sunday, the service said.

Every year, tens of thousands of migrants try to reach Spain and other southern European countries by crossing the Mediterranean on smugglers’ boats. Most vessels are inadequate for the open sea and thousands of people are drowning every year.

The United Nations reported that 615 migrants have died in their attempt to cross the Mediterranean Sea so far this year. A total of 22,439 passengers arrived on European coasts, of which 4,409 arrived in Spain during the first four months of 2018.