Rescued Turtles Trapped in Longlines in Puerto Escondido

The crew of a nautical tourism boat rescued nine turtles trapped in a longline on Thursday, April 12 in Puerto Escondido.

The boat called ‘Isabel’ was headed by Jorge González Santos, who was doing a sports fishing tour with a tourist from the United States.

It was around noon when on the horizon they spotted a white spot, which on approach could identify as the shells of several turtles that were entangled among themselves by the lines of rope and rope that made up the longline.

The longline or falsework consists of the main line of several hundred meters which in turn contains secondary lines with hooks, between which the bait is placed and is left at sea by fishermen who go out in search of shark.

However, when these lines break they cause a great mortality among the marine fauna, mainly stingrays, dolphins, sailfish, dorado, sharks and turtles.

“Apparently I already had several days, and I was entangled; 12 turtles were trapped, of which three died and the others were rescued, “commented Jorge Gonzales Santos, captain of the boat Isabel.

They immediately proceeded to cut the lines to rescue the nine animals alive.

According to the fishing director of San Pedro Mixtepec, Zoilo Pérez Osorio, many boats that are going to do this activity and place longlines such as the one that caught the turtles, do not have the corresponding fishing permit.

“We have held meetings with different cooperatives in the region, we have proposed that this fishing gear be eliminated because it makes in some cases an indiscriminate killing of fish.

Rescued Turtles Trapped in Longlines in Puerto Escondido

The Conapesca has been asked to put more vigilance since the lack of it makes that anyone who wants to fish go and put their longline, “he said.


Source: Diario MX