Rescued Eleven Immigrants Who Have Fallen into the Sea After Colliding Their Boat with a Sailboat

The performance took place at 4.30 am, when the sailboat was notified of the collision with the boat, which caused three of the eleven men who occupied it to fall into the sea.

Two of them were rescued from the same boat and the third by the sailboat and, according to the first assessments, the eleven are in a relatively good state of health.


Maritime Rescue and the Civil Guard sent helicopter Helimer 201 at first, although its action was not necessary, since the rescue was carried out by the vessel Salvamar Mirfak, where these people have been transshipped to be directed to the port of Altea for your attention. Another boat has also been located in the waters of Benidorm.

After disembarking in that port facility, the immigrants have been taken to the barracks of the armed institute of that town where they have been assisted by members of the Red Cross.

According to Efe sources have informed this humanitarian entity, all the occupants of the boat are men and adults, between 41 and 26 years, of which nine have claimed to be from Algeria, one from Tunisia and one from Syria.

“All present an apparent good health,” except one of them who “has a bruise on his left leg and will be moved to a medical center,” these sources have explained. In addition, two others have a mild state of hypothermia, but improve “at times”.

Cruz Roja has also announced that it “keeps on alert all its teams in the province of Alicante” before the possibility that more people arrive in small boats, a measure that, in principle, “will be 48 hours.”


Source: ABC