Rescued After Falling to the Sea and Spending 6 Hours Adrift After Leaving Ibiza

The tragedy seemed to be served when Nestor fell into the sea without a life jacket while travelling from Ibiza to Cagliari on a sailboat. For more than 6 hours he remained afloat until being rescued by Palma Maritime Rescue in a quick search intervention that lasted an hour.

Néstor was cleaning the deck of the ARIS sailboat, alone and without a vest, when he was dragged into the sea with the yellow bucket he was cleaning with, thanks to the bucket he managed to stay afloat. After midday on Wednesday, May 23, Salvamento Marítimo received a distress call sent by the other crew member of the boat who, upon accessing the deck after his break, noticed the absence of his companion.

The helicopter Helimer 207, an aircraft of the ALA 49 of the SAR Palma of the Air Force, the ship of Maritime Rescue Marta Mata, a plane of the French Coastguard, the merchant ship Azov Confidence and the sailing yacht S / Y Vijonara were mobilized.

From Palma, this last vessel was instructed, which was the one closest to the search area, to take a course on the supposed route followed by the ARIS, finding and rescuing the crew one hour later. “The rescued crew member was in good condition with slight symptoms of hypothermia, not needing medical assistance,” reported from Salvamento Marítimo.

Néstor was located about 70 miles southeast of Menorca. “Then he explained how he was able to stay afloat so many hours after being dragged out without a vest. He kept his yellow bucket with the one that cleaned the deck. It was a lesson for everyone and shows how easy it is to be dragged from the deck without being prepared with an element as basic and imprescriptible as the life jacket. ”

Rescued After Falling to the Sea and Spending 6 Hours Adrift After Leaving Ibiza

Another successful rescue in Pitiüses waters

The last dawn was mobilized from the CCS Palma Helimer helicopter 207 to answer a distress call from the fishing Florino y Caela that, being 40 miles southwest of Ibiza, needed help for a crew member who was bad.

The crew member was evacuated by air and transferred to Can Misses Hospital in Ibiza.


Source: Noudiari