Rescue Teams are Looking for a 34 Year Old Saudi Citizen who Fell from Cruiser 

Four boats and one Maritime Rescue aircraft track near Cartagena to locate a 34-year-old Saudi man.

Maritime Rescue Officers search a man in the waters of Murcia from the cruise ship Norwegian Spirit, who, along with another similar ship, had planned to stop on Tuesday in Alicante, a stop that has been suspended for this reason.

The circumstances that have surrounded this notice of “man overboard” spread on Twitter by Maritime Rescue and if it is an accident or the tourist – a 34-year-old Saudi male passenger – have been thrown into the sea, 30 miles away of Cartagena.

In the tasks of tracking to locate him work the four boats (Helimer 207, Salvamar Mimosa, Salvamar Algenib, Helimer 201) and the Sasemar 305 aircraft, according to Salva Maritime.

The cruise ship Norwegian Spirit

It is the second emergency in recent days related to the port of Alicante and a cruise ship since on March 25, the Civil Guard had to disembark another passenger who had suffered a stroke and required hospitalization.


Source: ABC Espana