Rescue of an Adult Dolphin Stranded on the Beaches of Benalmádena Malaga, Spain

Veterinarians of the Aula del Mar transfer to a common dolphin, 1.5 meters, which arrived with a wound on the side

It was the subject of conversation of the bathers on the beach of Malapesquera, in Benalmádena: Look! A dolphin!”. Shortly after lunchtime, they spotted a specimen approaching the shore. What at first seemed like a baby, would end up being an adult specimen of 1.5 meters; the size reached by the common dolphin, the most common in the waters of the Alboran Sea.

At around 4:00 pm, the members of Socorrismo Málaga were busy reviving the animal while the mobile unit of the Aula del Mar arrived. Up to six lifeguards were rotating for an hour and a half until the specialists arrived. The animal had a large lateral wound, according to sources confirmed by the agency, which “could be done with a fishing net or a boat.”

Rescue an Adult Dolphin Stranded on the Beaches of Benalmádena

Clearly disoriented and stressed, he was taken care of on the shore while creating a large flight of mobiles and flashes around him. “The usual, but not recommended in these situations,” explain the veterinarians of the Center for the Recovery of Threatened Marine Species ( CREMA ). Because of his “rather weathered” teeth, he seems to be an elderly specimen, but he has been transferred by the veterinary team to CREMA facilities to assess the situation.



Source: Diariosur