Rescue of 15 Immigrants Crammed into a Beach Raft in Estrecho Waters

Maritime Rescue has rescued this morning a beach raft in which fifteen sub-Saharan immigrants were crowded, who sailed with great difficulty due to bad weather as a result of strong gusts of wind and rain.

The intervention occurred at 04.55 hours when the Civil Guard detected a boat near the north coast of Ceuta and alerted Maritime Rescue for its rescue.

The Guardamar Concepción Arenal came to the area and managed to rescue the fifteen immigrants, all of them sub-Saharan youth who occupied a beach raft that defied the bad weather in the area.

The helicopter Helimer 220 also intervened in the rescue operations of the immigrants, which were transferred to the Spanish dock in Ceuta, where they arrived at 05.35 this morning.

The Red Cross provided health care to the immigrants, none of whom needed to be transferred to the hospital when they were in good health, so they were provided with blankets.

The Guardamar Concepción Arenal

Immigrants will be taken to the Temporary Immigrant Stay Center (CETI) in the city.


Source: La Vanguardia