Rescue of the Crew of the Spanish Ship that ran Aground in Lisbon on Tuesday

A Portuguese Air Force helicopter rescued the crew of the ship with a Spanish flag that remains stranded on the Tagus River, near Lisbon, from Monday morning to Tuesday.

The spokesman of the Portuguese Navy, the commander Fernando Pereira da Fonseca, told Efe that the rescue of the occupants of the ship – ten crew members, two representatives of the shipowner and two others of the company that coordinates the towing maneuver – was carried out by ” Security issues”.

The Captaincy of the Port of Lisbon decided, together with the shipowner, to withdraw the crew of the ship due to the forecast of aggravating the state of maritime agitation, especially during the weekend.

The 14 people who were on board the ship were transferred to the Montijo Air Base – on the south bank of the Tagus River – and from there they were transported by bus to the Captaincy of the Port of Lisbon.

Some crew members are giving their testimony to the authorities in the face of the process opened by the Maritime Police, as it happens in all “maritime events”, the commander explained.

The vessel Betanzos, with a Spanish flag and 118 meters long, left the Portuguese capital and was heading to Casablanca, in Morocco, when it ran out of energy on board and ran aground in an area with lots of sand in the early hours of Monday to Tuesday.

Since then, the maritime authorities have tried to tow the ship several times without success and have requested the shipment of a larger tug from a Dutch company, from Gibraltar.

Rescue the crew of the Spanish ship that ran aground in Lisbon on Tuesday

As explained by the Navy spokesman, after the arrival of the tugboat a new action plan will be drawn and the time will be defined in which the towing will be attempted again, depending on the state of the sea.


Source: lavan guardia