Rescue At 40 Meters Depth: They Recover Fishermen’s Corpses

Six crew members of the María Esperanza ship are still trapped 40 meters below sea level. The Navy has already six days of hard search work.

Almost a week after the fatal accident between two industrial ships in the Peruvian coast, the rescue of the corpses of six fishermen from the boat María Esperanza II continues, which sank last Wednesday, five miles off the coast of Chimbote ( Áncash ).

The industrial boat of Malena iron, of the company Austral Group, collided against the wooden boat Maria Esperanza II the dawn of the 11 of April.

El Comercio arrived in the area of the accident, located 25 minutes from the port terminal of Chimbote, where the rescue team is working on the auxiliary salvage tugboat Morales de la Marina de Guerra del Perú. Search operations are carried out under this ship from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., almost every day.

The Navy of Peru makes strenuous efforts to locate them since last Wednesday. There are 39 divers, 25 of the Navy and 14 individuals, who must descend interspersed 40 meters deep to drill the environments of the ship and rescue them using touch because the visibility is zero.

“The work of divers is risky, they have to meet certain standards to save their integrity, they can not be more than 30 minutes at sea. Once they leave diving they enter a hyperbaric chamber to receive treatment, “said the head of the Captaincy of Chimbote, Carlos Díaz Honores.

Commander Carlos Díaz commented that the bad weather conditions, the depth of the sea and the storage of mud in the boat have complicated the rescue work since the search plan began. However, they will continue with the objective.

“We are in the effort to continue the search. It is not easy to do work 40 meters deep. The divers have constant air, a communication system and they have a video to record at the bottom of the sea, so that those on the surface can observe and help in the search, “Díaz Honors told El Comercio.

The Navy official lamented that since Saturday they could not find the other six crew members of the Maria Esperanza II ship identified Óscar Quicio Castro (the boat’s skipper), Walter Wilson Ipanaqué Sánchez, Elizban Zeña Urcia, Carlos Esqueche Carrasco, Wilmer Effio Effio, Santiago Díaz Huamanchumo, Dan Kalet Quicio Zeña, from Santa Rosa, Lambayeque, and the Venezuelan citizen Jesús Salvador Villegas Abreu.

“We understand the pain of family members. We would like to have found the fishermen and give them peace and tranquillity; regrettably, the results that we expected have not been given, but we continue in the effort of trying to locate them. The Navy of Peru is arranging all the necessary means to achieve the objective, but we will continue until exhausting the last possibilities, “Díaz said.

This newspaper was able to observe that the zone also is a patrol boat of the Harbor Master’s Office, as well as a tug contracted by the company Austral, a bolichera and two barges. In addition, a representative of the relatives of the victims went up to the tugboat today to observe the rescue tasks.

Meanwhile, the relatives of the seamen have called for speed in the work of location and rescue. They have questioned that only on the third day of the sinister recently the Navy divers have entered the sea.

El Comercio arrived in the area of ​​the accident, located 25 minutes from the port terminal of Chimbote, where the rescue team is working on the auxiliary salvage tugboat Morales de la Marina de Guerra del Perú.

In addition, they have requested that the companies Austral Group and Segjona SA be responsible and pay all the expenses that demand the burial.

“We are desperate because there is no news. We are here because we want to take our relatives to Santa Rosa, they are waiting for us there, they want to see their bodies, “said Kelly Bancayán, sister-in-law of Santiago Díaz Huamanchumo, one of the disappeared.


Source: El Comercio