Rescue Of 8 Foreigners At Sea

The Secretariat of Navy-Navy of Mexico through the Second Naval Region with headquarters in Ensenada, Baja California and the Fifth Naval Region based in Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo, rescued eight people who were in danger on Friday, (a person of United States nationality and seven of Cuban nationality, respectively).

In a first naval action assigned to the Second Naval Region, based in Ensenada, Baja California, aboard a Panther helicopter, provided medical evacuation support for a crew member of the fishing vessel “RED ROOSTER III”, approximately 92 kilometers (50 nautical miles), southeast of Cedros Island, Baja California.

This action was carried out after receiving an emergency telephone call, where it was reported that a vessel named “RED ROOSTER III” requested support from a crew member who presented severe abdominal pain, respiratory problems and high fever, for which medical evacuation was necessary. immediate

Due to the adverse conditions of navigation and the distance to which the vessel was located, a Panther helicopter was ordered to take off with an extraction lathe, which located the aforementioned vessel and rescued a crew member of US nationality of 54 years. years old, who was transferred to the dock of this Naval Command to receive specialized medical attention at a local hospital.

In a second support elements of the Navy of Mexico assigned to the Fifth Naval Region rescued seven people of Cuban nationality, male, who were on board an improvised raft about 237 kilometers (128 nautical miles) northwest of Isla Mujeres , Quintana Roo.

This action was made after receiving an emergency report, which indicated that a group of people were drifting in the sea, so a Coast Patrol was ordered, a RHIB-type vessel to assist in the search and an aircraft naval, to perform the location and rescue of said people.

Derived from the search effort, the Mexican Navy aircraft managed to locate the people in an improvised raft and, in coordination with the surface unit, the rescue was developed.

Also, Naval Health personnel made the corresponding medical evaluations, being in good health, being transferred to facilities of the Fifth Naval Region, where they were provided with hydration and food.

Rescue of 8 Foreigners at sea

People of Cuban nationality were read the Human Rights Primer, to be immediately handed over to personnel of the National Institute of Migration, for the corresponding legal procedures.


Source: Zeta Tijuana