Report says that US aircraft carrier was harassed by UFO

A recent report leaked allegedly from the Pentagon states that for six days an aircraft carrier from the United States was harassed by an unidentified flying object (UFO), which was travelling “at the speed of ballistic missiles.”

This text, which was recently published by the portal “Las Vegas Now” dates from 2009, but does not have any specific date of its writing or logo of the agency, but as reported by the agency KLAS, the report was written as part of a Pentagon program with input from several agencies.

The Las Vegas news station obtained the unclassified report while one of its members was participating in an informational meeting organized by former Senator Harry Reid in Washington.

The file notes that the incident occurred when a group of Nimitz aircraft carriers carried out training exercises off the coast of southern California and Mexico before deploying in the Arabian Sea.

There it is mentioned that, since November 10 of that year, the USS Princeton, a guided missile cruiser of the Ticonderoga class, made multiple radar contacts with an “anomalous aerial vehicle” (AAV, in its acronym in English).

During that day, the main fire chief of the aircraft carrier, which was equipped with an ultra-advanced phased-array AN / SPY-1 multifunction radar, reported that the AAV appeared more than 18 kilometres away and that it descended “very rapidly” to approximately 15 meters from the surface of the ocean.

The document also points out how one of Princeton’s superior commanders, with more than 17 years of experience, said that the UFO had certain characteristics similar to those of a ballistic missile. According to him, the reason why the carrier’s radar could not detect the object was that it was only configured to follow conventional aircraft, so when the UFO appeared on the radar, it identified it as a fake object

“If the radar were set to a mode for tracking ballistic missiles, they would probably have the ability to track the AAV,” the report said.

To investigate the phenomenon, F-18 aircraft took off, which had serious difficulties in intercepting the UFO. However, the report notes that certain characteristics of the radio signals of the pilots were very strange.

One of the pilots claimed to have seen a disturbance in the sea surface of a rounded shape that seemed to have a radius of 50 to 100 meters, which reminded him of something that was rapidly submerging in the surface like a submarine or ship sinking.

Report says that US aircraft carrier was harassed by UFO

“It is possible that the alteration was caused by an AAV, but the anomalous air vehicle may have been hidden or invisible to the human eye. At no time did they consider the VPA to be a threat.

Finally, they had never seen anything like this before, “concludes the report

The visits of the anomalous object, which was described by the pilots as an “elongated egg”, were repeated in the following 5 days, but it was never possible to determine to what it corresponded.

Former Senator Reid and other politicians have urged the US Congress to create a special Pentagon program to study similar incidents for reasons of “national security.”



Source: Opinion