Report Death of a Tourist in Puerto Escondido Beach

The state government, through the State Coordination of Civil Protection of Oaxaca (Cepco), reported on the death of a person from the state of Puebla, on beaches of the Oaxacan entity.

The delegate of the Cepco, Esteban Vásquez Hernández, said that this past Sunday, 21-year-old Marco Antonio GM, originally from the city of Puebla, lost his life when he was dragged by the current when he was swimming on the main beach of Puerto Hidden.

He stressed that by not knowing how to swim or float, the sea current submerged it 10 meters deep, which caused the death of the young man, and that is because the strong current did not allow emergency services to rescue him.

Drowning on beach of Oaxacan

The body of the young man was raised by the Public Ministry and transferred to the local amphitheater for his family to claim and move to their place of origin.


Source: Despertar de Oaxaca