Reactive EU Navy Flotilla for Russia

The US Navy reactivated a flotilla that will be responsible for overseeing the East Coast and the North Atlantic – scaling the Pentagon’s focus on the resurgence of Russia and its growing military presence, The Washington Post reported.

The Second Flotilla, which was deactivated in 2011 to preserve funds for new ships, will resume operations on July 1 in Norfolk, under the direction of Admiral John Richardson, as reported to reporters Friday.

“This is a dynamic response to create a security environment,” Richardson said aboard the aircraft carrier George HW Bush.

The surveillance of these vessels will extend to the middle of the Atlantic since the other half is under the responsibility of another flotilla that has its headquarters in Italy.

In a statement released by Jim Mattis, Defense Secretary, he said that “long-term strategic competencies” with Russia and China are the top priorities of the Department of Defense while the Pentagon tries to get away from counter-insurgencies They have used up the funding and exhausted the resources since September 11, 2001.

Defence officials and analysts have said that these operations diverted attention from the modernization of the militia, allowing Russia and China to close the technology gap with more weapons. new and more lethal.

During that time, Russia occupied the Crimea and Ukraine and provoked a series of hostilities against the West, including cyber attacks and interference in elections in Europe and the United States.

The concerns that will immediately solve the Second Flotilla will be: the threat of a modest number, for now, of Russian nuclear attack submarines that are capable of crossing the depths of the East Coast, said Bryan McGrath, former commander of the destroyer and deputy director. from the American Maritime Power Center of the Hudson Institute to The Washington Post.

The submarines are equipped with hypersonic and anti-ship missiles and nuclear-capable missiles that can reach any city on the East Coast that is within their range.

The patrols will begin soon and will involve manned and unmanned ships, attack submarines and aerial surveillance of Poseidon P-8 aircraft, a war sub-fighter plane.

This measure comes at a time when NATO is using broader strategies to counteract Russia.

In another statement issued by the Pentagon on Friday, he said he proposed a Joint Force Command of NATO to monitor the Atlantic.

Reactive EU Navy Flotilla for Russia

McGrath warned that the conflict is approaching, “there is a widespread feeling that Russia is dedicated to opposing the United States in many areas and military opposition is increasingly one of them.”


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