Qatar and Pakistan undertake naval maneuvers called “León Marino-1”

Qatar and Pakistan carried out naval maneuvers in the Qatari territorial waters.

As reported by the Moral Instruction Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Qatar, the military exercises called “León Marino-1”, which contain the protection of the oil and gas fields, as well as the anti-piracy and anti-piracy training contraband, lasted 3 days.

The Qatari Ministry of Defense previously announced that the Qatari Naval Forces were conducting maneuvers with Italian and Indian naval forces.

Qatar is considered the largest producer of liquefied natural gas in the world and has 77 million tons of production per year.

Qatar and Pakistan carried out naval maneuvers in the Qatari territorial waters

The Qatari government announced in July that it intended to increase its production by 30% by 2024.


Source: TRT Spanish