Prohibit Total Extraction of Seafood After Oil Spill on Easter Island

The Ministry of Health decreed a total ban on the extraction of all kinds of products from the sea and the performance of nautical activities in the vicinity of the sector where the private boat Lago Icalma spilled diesel oil from its fuel tank, after colliding with another ship in the middle of merchandise unloading works on the shores of Easter Island.

The information was confirmed by the seremi of this portfolio, Francisco Álvarez, who explained that the measure will be valid between Caleta Hanga Piko and Hanga Roa.

This fact was recorded around noon on Wednesday and generated a spot of light fuel, of an approximate radius of 200 meters, due to the almost 50 litres of diesel oil that spilled due to the impact between the two vessels.

From the Navy, the captain of Puerto de Isla de Pascua, Fernando Gallegos said that they made a comprehensive protocol to contain the situation, both in the affected vessel and in the vicinity of the place where the event occurred, from containment barriers and other techniques to be able to eliminate the fuel stain.

Prohibit total extraction of seafood after oil spill on Easter Island

Along with the preventive measure decreed by the Health Seremi, the Navy also instructed a summary to be able to investigate and establish the real causes of the accident, a process that should take about 2 months to be able to establish possible responsibilities for this fact.


Source: biobiochile