Professor Dies After Saving His Students from Drowning in the Sea, in Tabo Colombia

The situation was lived on the beach Guayapolis, where Professor Jaime Reyes Medina died. The students of the Sara Blinder Dargoltz Polytechnic School participated in a day of reflection.

Consternation is lived in El Tabo by the death of a teacher who tried to rescue his students who had been dragged by the sea.

A group of 180 students from the Sara Blinder Dargoltz Polytechnic Lyceum, from the commune of Santiago, participated in a day of reflection in a private area, from which some crossed to the beach of Guayapolis and were swept away by the waves.

There, Professor Jaime Reyes Medina tried to rescue the students, situation in which he died

“Once the patrol was set up in the sector, it verified that the people had already been rescued by the same companions, in which two children were in a stable condition, two other minors were taken by ambulance to the San Antonio hospital in Consideration that they had some minor problems, and a fifth person, who was a teacher, who had rescued some children, died, “said Lt. Felipe Rojas, captain of the port of San Antonio.

“Unfortunately he could not survive this rescue, so this situation was reported to the duty prosecutor of San Antonio who ordered the concurrence of the Investigative Police and later ordered to deliver the body to the Legal Medical Service,” he added.

Students transferred to the care centre

In total, 8 girls were transferred to the Claudio Vicuña Hospital in San Antonio. Two of them, rescued by the deceased professor and six others who showed pictures of “shock” in front of the situation.

Professor Dies After Saving His Students from Drowning in the Sea, in Tabo Colombia

According to the governor of San Antonio, Gabriela Alcalde, who arrived at the place, one of them was referred and will be hospitalized, another was discharged and the other 6 are under medical evaluation.

“We saw that the relatives were already arriving at the emergency unit, that there is a teacher in charge, I went also with the provincial director of education, Mrs. Cecilia Martínez, who was going to make the contacts with the school, with the school management and also with parents and guardians, “he said.



Source: Cooperativa

  1. Alondra Martínez May 10, 2018, 3:14 am

    Hi, I just wanted to correct you on something, the beach is on Chile, not Colombia… He was a Hero, a true hero, even before he gave his life to save others…

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