Prepared for an Accident Under the Waves

Fifty soldiers from the Navy participate in a simulation of rescue and rescue of a submarine in Cartagena.

The penultimate day of the submarine rescue exercise ‘Cartago-18’, carried out by the Navy in waters close to Cartagena since June 18, yesterday left the most impressive images of maneuvers in which nearly fifty soldiers participated… The appointment, which was preceded by the simulation of an accident on a submarine, in this case, the ‘Tramontana’, consisted in the rescue of the crew, after having made the escape by their own means.

Once the soldiers were located in the water, they were launched by life-saving rafts from a Maritime Rescue plane, and from another Air Force aircraft a dozen paratroopers from the Special Naval War team jumped.

They removed the members of the crew from the water and offered them first aid until more means arrived. With the help of a helicopter, three vessels were transferred: the frigates ‘Reina Sofía’ and ‘Neptuno’ and the rescue vessel ‘Clara Campoamor’.

Prepared for an Accident Under the Waves

The practice continues today with the simulation of the rescue of five crew members who leave the submarine, who will be perched in the background, making use of the rescue lock of the bow.


Source: La Verdad