Policemen Throw Themselves into the Sea to Save a Kangaroo from Drowning

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Australia.- Two policemen did not hesitate for two seconds and jumped into the sea to save the life of a kangaroo who was drowning in front of the stunned spectators. Sergeants Kirby Tonkin and Christopher Russo pulled the unconscious animal out of the water and performed chest compressions to reanimate it.

Residents in a panic called the police after seeing the baby kangaroo struggling in the waters of Safety Beach on the Mornington Peninsula, south of Melbourne.

By the time the police arrived, the exhausted animal was lying on the sand. But when he saw the policemen approaching, he returned to the ocean, forcing the men to jump after him.

The resulting dramatic rescue was captured on camera. Sergeant Russo told the Herald Sun: “He had less than a minute, he sank and, as he climbed, you could see foam coming out of his nose, he was drowning.

I grabbed his tail and Kirby cradled his head, dragged him to the beach we cleaned his lungs to get the water out of him. Then we started to press his chest and he began to breathe again and I could feel a heartbeat.

The kangaroo was transferred to the Rosebud police station and placed in a cell to recover before being taken away by the wildlife services.

VIDEO: Policemen Throw Themselves into the Sea to Save a Kangaroo from Drowning

“It’s always a good feeling, I know it’s a kangaroo, but it’s worth saving every life and we just did what we could, commented one of the sergeants.”

Michelle Thomas, director of Animalia Wildlife Shelter, said: “We’re going to let it recover at its own pace.” But it has a meadow full of grass and plenty of water to drink and it seems very happy with that. ”



Source: ChispaTV