Police Seize Two Tons of Cocaine in the South Pacific

Security Minister positions the country as a leader in the fight against drug trafficking

The police seized more than two tons of cocaine in the South Pacific of Costa Rica in the last 15 days.

This was announced on Tuesday by the Ministry of Public Security (MSP), which detailed that the drug was coming from two vessels that were intercepted more than 100 nautical miles from Punta Burica, in Pavón de Golfito, Puntarenas.

The first seizure occurred on February 14, 188 miles from the Costa Rican coast, when authorities stopped the Cherokee II vessel, dedicated to artisanal fishing and registration PQ-8824.

On board this ship were five people, three surnamed Bonilla, one surnamed Romero and another Mena. Of the five, only one of the Bonilla have a history of disobedience to authority, said Seguridad.

After accounting for the drug seized, the police determined Tuesday that the five subjects were carrying 1,000 packages of cocaine, one kilo each. These were hidden in 39 packages.

On the other hand, the second vessel, named Andrey II and registration PG-9555, was intercepted seven days ago, on February 20, 114 nautical miles from Punta Burica, southeast of the entrance to Golfo Dulce.

In this trip three men, whose identities did not transcend. They moved 1,060 packages of one kilo of cocaine in 53 packages.

The eight subjects arrived in Costa Rica on Tuesday and remained at the orders of the authorities.

According to information released by Seguridad, it is unknown where the boats came from and what their final destination was.

Of course, he said that the operations to intercept the boats are part of the joint patrol with the United States and the southern regional block, composed of Colombia, Ecuador and Panama.

We maintain a regional struggle to fight drug trafficking and create safe spaces, actions like these, which have been repeated in our country, disqualify positions such as the recent one of a Colombian media that mistakenly says that Costa Rica is a drug trafficking paradise On the contrary, it is a leading regional center in the fight against drug trafficking, which does not give spaces to international or national drug trafficking and that becomes a threat to drug traffickers due to the heavy blows, “explained the Minister of Security. , Gustavo Mata.

The cocaine was hidden in bags

This police body alleges that this is the first great blow of the ethical authorities to the drug trafficking so far in 2018, after in 2017 more than 30 tons of cocaine were seized, the highest figure in the history of the country, number that was only surpassed by Panama (although the figure of that country was not disclosed).


Source: La Nacion