Police Locate 406 Kilos of Cocaine by Boat from Colombia

The drug was hidden among a shipment of potato seeds; none of the crew was stopped

After an inspection on a ship from Puerto Turbo, Colombia, agents of the Drug Control Police (PCD) of the Ministry of Security located 406 kilograms of cocaine inside a boat.

The finding was made last Friday, June 8, in the port of Moín, Limón, but it was unveiled this Sunday.

The ship, which has the name “Nederland Reeder” and which carries a flag of the Bahamas Islands, came from Puerto Turbo, in the Colombian Caribbean, and after its arrival in Costa Rica, it was scheduled to go to Puerto Barrios, in the Caribbean. Guatemala, to where it would arrive with a shipment of potato seed.

The drug, as reported by the Ministry of Public Security (MSP), was accommodated in briefcases that were hidden in a container in the bow of the ship, that is, in the front of the ship.

Because of this fact, no freighter crewman was arrested. Everything indicates that the drug was introduced to the ship in Colombia, a country from which it left days ago.

With this seizure, the total amount of drugs that police bodies of the Ministry of Security (PCD, Coast Guard, Air Surveillance, Public Force and Border Police) have managed to snatch from organized crime so far this year amounts to 7,226 kilograms, that is to say, 7.2 tons.

Police Locate 406 Kilos of Cocaine by Boat from Colombia

This seizure is compounded by the interception of a Colombian speedboat by the National Coast Guard Service, also on June 8.


Source: La Nacion