Police Identify Parents of Baby Floating in East River, Fear That Dad Fled the Country

Police identified the parents of a child found dead in East River on Tuesday, near the South Street port, police want to talk to his father, who may have fled to Thailand, police sources said.

The boy’s mother entered a train station in Manhattan on Monday night and said she was concerned that her partner had not returned with her son earlier in the day after a scheduled weekend visit, the sources said.

The 36-year-old Bronx woman told police she feared the worst when she saw a story about the approximately 8-month-old boy pulled out of the water at 4 p.m. Sunday, according to sources.

Her son was born in January, with the approximate age of the tragic child found in the water with only a diaper.

Investigators immediately searched for the father in his home in the Bronx, but he was gone.

However, what the police found was a surveillance video that first shows the man who leaves the house with the baby, and then shows it without the child, the sources said.

Police believe that the man may have already boarded a flight to Thailand, but the search continues here and remains in close contact with the Thai authorities.

Since 1984, The United States and Thailand have a permanent extradition treaty.

The names of the parents have not been published.

Meanwhile, authorities are still working to determine exactly how the baby died, and if he was still alive when he put him in the water.

Horrible passers-by saw the baby swaying in the water near South and Dover streets just south of the Brooklyn Bridge.

An Oklahoma firefighter who was on vacation saw the infant, jumped into the water and climbed it to an embankment, while onlookers frantically pointed to two NYPD policemen in a patrol car.

One of the officers jumped on a safety railing, picked up the child’s lifeless body and took him to a pedestrian corridor.

Cops ID parents of baby found floating in East River, fear dad fled the country

There, both the Samaritan firefighter and the policeman tried to revive the child with CPR but was pronounced dead at the Presbyterian Hospital in New York.

A police source said it appeared the child had not been in the water for a long time, and no parent or guardian showed up or could be identified at the scene, authorities said.


Source: NYPost

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