Pirates Attack Sabah

The ReCAAP Piracy Reporting Center issued a warning in the waters of Lahad Datu, Malaysia, indicating that seafarers are at a higher risk of attack.

In an unusual advance notice of the shipment, ReCAAP forwarded detailed information about a particular suspected pirate who is believed to be planning a kidnapping attempt. According to ReCAAP members of the Abu Sayyaf group – a terrorist organization with kidnappings and abductions at sea – are planning operations in a known high-risk area outside of Shahabah within the next 24 hours. The report shows that the gang will use a blue three-engine speedboat.

The proposal suggests that seafarers should be “extremely cautious” when leaving Lahadat.

STRATFOR stated that from April 2016 to April 2017, Abu Sayyaf had 17 successful attacks on ships in Sabah but had not completed the study within 12 months. Security Advisory Centers warn that multinational maritime security efforts have prevented pirates from kidnapping pirates, but that does not mean the risk has disappeared: Abu Sayyaf pirates continue to monitor shipping and seek kidnapping opportunities. In addition, the group still holds some sailors during their main activities.

Although the Filipino forces have made progress in expelling Abu Sayyaf from the Sulu Archipelago, the gang’s gangs still lack guerrilla warfare.

Pirates attack Sabah

According to spokesman Harry Roque, Philipp Duterte promised that “he would not stop following Abu Sayyaf” until the group was “destroyed.”